Art论文模板 – Artist Statement

Photography is a way of life that connects me to the natural world. It is much more than pointing a camera and then pushing a button. It is a process of exploring, creation, learning and evolving. Photography involves discovering the line, rhythm and contrast in reality and exposing such elements in simple and beautiful manner.

For some images, color is usually the part or all of the subject. However stripping the color away from the right images can deconstruct the components to give emphasis to the shape, texture and light. Each of these can alone form the image subject regardless of whatever they describe within it. Sometimes the mood of the scene can change even in the absence of color. Black and white reveals the inter-tonal relationships or the light and shadow within the images. It evokes a different appreciation and response from the viewers than when the image is in color.

In contemporary art photography, black and white is also versatile enough to apply to street, landscape, portraits or wildlife and almost all subject. Black and white is very effective in rendering or emphasizing the geometry and shapes of buildings .when contrasting between light and shade, black and white images is are preferred. Often black and white has connotations of something old or historical. To this effect it is used in evoking a bygone era. Street photography work with buildings is rendered in black and white for this reason. Our atmosphere becomes a formidable obstacle in capturing sharp photos of distant objects. To hide a dreary or featureless sky is a good reason to render or shoot an image in black and white.

The decisive moment is a fraction of a second in which art photography matters. It involves capturing the right expression and emotion in the subject. Photography is viewed as an art of observation. As a street photographer, I constantly try to chase the decisive moment. It is usually part instinct, intuition, preparation luck, and skill. Decisive moments make the viewer not only to see but feel in their mind whatever is on the photograph. I the first photo there is outstanding object on the ground that captures a second moment. It appears like a round piece of metal. The second photograph has an image on the background that captures the attention of the viewer in a more attentive impression.

Street photographers always carry their cameras everywhere and constantly shoot in order to capture the decisive moment. It is usually about finding something interesting in an ordinary situation or place. The idea of capturing decisive moment and its success in photography make black and white photos an immediate and living. Photographers capture that moment or instant when something or anything happens. Geometry is applied to the photography to bring out the images bring out the decisive moment the photographer needs to be patient but other times it would be spontaneous. When the photographer is out shooting on the streets and sees fascinating scenes he or she should wait for the right person to walk by to complete the image and capture a good decisive moment. The elements of the images such as people, background, framing, and composition are usually perfect if a decisive moment is considered during street photography.

An artist should always shoot with the intention of what to say, show or feel in every composition. Examining the intention first makes the photography soar. Intention enables the creation of durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation by means of photographic film or image sensors. Research in photography continues due to the need of application in various contexts and demands.

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