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Black and white photography is described with one word: elegant. It is peculiarly a nostalgic type of photography that evokes memories of when black and white colors were the only options for images before photo editing applications, digital cameras and smartphones emerged. One famous instructor Mark Crase carefully explains to us why we choose to take photos in black and white instead of colored images and the things photographers’ worldwide need to keep in mind when exploring the black and white world.

Reasons for creating black and white images instead of colored ones

The black and white colors narrow down the image into its fundamental quality: Light, composition and its subject. These three basic elements cannot be hypnotized or even distracted by any color. It impels the photographer to identify comprehensibly the subject of matter, establish relatively strong compositions and also to see and understand the light. Satirically, for that particular reason, it may be quite liberating to create black and white images. When specific colors in an image do not blend uniformly, they become a significant distraction. When working with white, black plus all the shades of the gray scale that lie in between, the photographer is free to create the image that they desire without limitations such as requiring to match what appears “natural”.

Photography is a dynamic illustration kind of system that utilizes signs to communicate meaning. A sign has two significant elements: the signifier and the signified that represents the form and also the signified that illustrates the corresponding conceptual perception that is induced when viewing a photograph. For it to have some meaning, both elements should exist in relation to each other.

Photographs are culturally positioned and accordingly project different meanings to diverse viewers based on their knowledge, personal life experiences and also perception. Photographs are processed or rather encoded and decoded with specific meaning. The photographer begins with encoding a photograph with an intention or meaning then further encodes it when set in a particular context. Like, for instance, the way individuals view photographs, the viewer’s try to decode or extract meaning from it.The decoding process is, therefore, partial and naturally leads to plenty of interpretations.

The ability to capture decisive moments requires a lot of practices. It is not by mistake that notable photographers tend to keep taking photos time and time again, developing an inherent muscle memory and a magnificent hand/eye coordination that can identify the developing elements of an image and be able to capture them. One of the “decisive moment” pictures I took was when my young twin nephews were sitting side by side on the couch embracing each other in the living room.

Concerning the gap between countries in relation to their different culture and also traditions, let’s take the example of the American, European and Asian photography. American type photography appears to be rawer and also confrontational in the sense that it is more direct to your face unlike the European type of photography that seems more studied and equable. Asian photography, on the contrary, appears to be “darker” as far as the subject is concerned.

Artist Statement

As a hardworking artist, I work extremely hard to take photos that speak clearly to both me and also others concerning the beauty that lies in the ruins of ancient communities and also countries. Part of the process involved in perfecting my artwork is to read extensively on what kind of photos are appealing to the public and capture every great moment. I utilize a variety of methodologies to be capable of capturing perfect images over time.

I engage in diverse projects, often in a variety of media encapsulated within specific meanings and themes. These wonderful photos are greatly inspired by my creative impression and thoughts. Regardless of my location, my photos are guaranteed to stir up mixed thoughts and feelings of most viewers. It satisfies me when photos leave a kind of mystery kind of feeling and a hidden meaning. This makes the viewers want to anticipate more from my artwork. My photography is mostly based off values of nature and many other aspects of human life. I prefer the fact that people need to be free in spirit in order to endorse the beauty of the world and also experience the confidence to express their vision in which photography is one way to achieve this.

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