Business论文模板 – Advancing Career Development: A Portfolio


Education plays a great role in developing people and in shaping their personalities. Thus, it is important that not only knowledge is gained at school, but also other aspects of personality development are learned and adopted. This will ensure better development of individuals (Kuijpers,, 2006, p. 317). The field of business administration has always interested me. Subjects in the areas of marketing, finance, and human resource have helped me in learning a lot and in relating them to my real life. Prior to studying this subject and entering this field, I was unaware of my creativity. Subjects related to marketing have helped me in realising as to how I can use my imagination and how my creative ideas can produce great advertisements. In addition to this, I have enhanced my calculation knowledge and can easily budget the cost of an advertisement now. Subjects of finance and marketing have helped me in understanding as to how important these two aspects are for every business. The importance of career development should be learned in order to understand how an individual’s future will be developed (Yueqin HuYiqun, 2011, p. 261). This will help the individuals in working towards a successful path since their first day at business school.

Analytical record of the Six lectures on the Module given by Industry Speakers

A total of six lectures were given by industry speakers on the module. They are as follows:

  1. Neil Pyper and Michelle Butterworth

This lecture took place in June and introduced the module to us. This helped in knowing about the module in a much better manner and ensured that we learn about the various aspects of the module. In addition to this, the speakers also made us aware of the EPT and how we should plan our career in future. The two speakers in this lecture were Neil Pyper, now owner of the Pyper’s Cars and Michelle Butterworth, co founder of Pee Dee Foot Centre. These lecturers enlightened us with how they planned their career and at the end of the session, I was able to figure out as to how I will plan my career and pursue it.

  • Fastenal International and IEMS

This lecture was held in July and enlightened us with how students can become a global graduate. The speakers at the lecture were from the companies, Fastenal International and IEMS. The lecture helped me in understanding as to how I can make sure that I can become a global graduate and ensure working in multinational companies. Various aspects that are considered by international companies were mentioned by the speakers and with the help of their guidance; I made up my mind as to what I have to do if I want to join an international company. These couple of companies are involved in international hiring, thus are aware of the needs of businesses on an international platform.

  • Jaguar Land Rover and Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship

This lecture was held in August and speakers from companies, Land Rover and Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship. These speakers spoke on the subjects of developing commercial awareness and starting our own business. These aspects are important for us as students of business administration. Many of us will become entrepreneurs in the future, thus the points highlighted and discussed by them were very helpful for the business students. Creating commercial awareness was also an important lesson that we learned from that session. Furthermore, it helped me in understanding the dos and don’ts of doing business and what are the tactics that I as an entrepreneur will have to undertake.

  • Severn Trent Water and Zulf Khan

This lecture was held in September and included speakers like Zulf Khan and people from the company, Severn Trent Water. Severn Trent Water is a well established water company in the United Kingdom. The company’s officials are a part of a very successful company, thus their tips on how to do business today with the help of social networking and how it helps companies in ensuring that more people are attracted to their business. In addition to this, the other speaker Zulf Khan stressed on the importance of postgraduate study and how it ensures a better future for us as students.

  • Enterprise Rent a Car and Neil Pyper

This lecture session was held in October and included speakers from Enterprise Rent a Car and also Neil Pyper. It is important for the students to know as to on what criteria they are being judged on and how well they have to perform in order to succeed at a company. In this session, I learnt as to how I can perform well at assessment centres and what are the aspects that an employer look for an in an employee. This has certainly helped me in understanding the skills and aspects that have been missing in my personality.

  • Neil Pyper and Michelle Butterworth

The last lecture session was held in November and included the speakers of the first session i.e. Neil Pyper and Michelle Butterworth. These two are influential speakers and help the students in identifying the major aspects and elements that are sought by an employer while hiring. We being at a crucial stage in our life have to make sure that there is no room for any mistake. Thus the session helped me in over viewing the career choices I have in order to succeed in future.

Professional Networking Page

Networking plays a very vital role for job seekers. It is important that the individual develops good relationships and connections with people who that he can gain a referral or an endorsement through them. These endorsements and referrals help the individuals to find a suitable job. The importance of a professional profile on websites such as LinkedIn and other social media is increasing (Herbold & Douma, 2013, p. 69). A number of companies are using these websites to hire people for their business. It is essential for every job seeking individual that the importance of social media in hiring is gauged so that he can plan his job seeking activities accordingly. There are a number of ways in which an individual has to ensure that his application is attractive and that the employers hire him. The increasing role of social media should be realised as employers reject a number of applications only on the basis of what an individual is posting on his account (Wolff & Moser, 2009, p. 196).

I learned the importance of these websites and ensured that I use them wisely. Handling Facebook accounts is important and has helped me in learning the different aspects that every employer seeks for in an employee. I now make sure that I do not post any picture or comment something discriminatory. I am extra careful of how I act on social media and how I interact with people on social media. My account on LinkedIn has helped me in interacting with companies and has given me a chance to show them as to how I can be useful for their organisation. It is due to the professional account that I have been able to interact with organisations. These websites have given me a chance to understand as to how I should sell myself to businesses that suit my expertise. In addition to this, my LinkedIn page has ensured success for my professional career.

Pages on social media have actually helped employers in screening applicants and there are a number of employers who have agreed that they have taken help from social media to decide if they should hire an individual or not (Nazarko, 2009, p. 402). For me, LinkedIn has worked in a positive manner and also ensured me a job to start my career. I am now sure that I can apply myself to this company and can prove to be beneficial for the company’s success.

Employment Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses are the major aspects that are inquired about in an interview. Employers want to know about the candidate that they are going to hire and any mistake in answering this questions might cost the job opportunity to the individuals (Fehring, 2013, p. 18). Thus, it is very important individuals are aware of their strengths and know how to smartly turn their weaknesses into strengths in an interview (Rakić,, 2011, p. 870).

I have been working on my personality traits in order to ensure characteristics that will help me succeed in future. My time management skills were quite poor. I then started to work on this aspect and ensured that I time myself for every task. Be it an academic task, or a house chore. This timing helped me in working in a manner which helped me achieve my goals in a timely manner. In addition to this, improving on time management skills has helped me in remaining positive of every task that I take up and complete in on time.

Another strength that I possess is my observation skills. I can very closely observe people and can learn about others in a different manner. These observations skills have helped me in understanding people and in knowing as to how I should interact with them. With this, my communication skills have also served as strength for me. Written communication skills are my biggest strength. Even during my academics my tutors appreciated my reports and the ideas I put in them to make them attractive. Furthermore, my strengths also include creativity and proper work delivery. All tasks that are assigned to me are completed with innovative ideas and are ready for delivery in a timely manner.

On the other hand, like everyone, I too have certain weaknesses. It is useful that I am aware of all my weaknesses as it has helped me in becoming a better person and in developing an improved personality. My interaction with people on a professional level has not taken place due to which my verbal communication is not perfect as yet. I still have to work on them to make sure that the right professional attitude is developed. I am confident that once I step in the professional world, I will learn all the aspects of professional communication. Being a quick learner, I have realised that without proper communication I will not be able to succeed in the practical world and it will be better for me to adapt to the environment quickly.

Another weakness that I possess is stubbornness. When working, I cannot leave a project unfinished; however, with the passage of time I have learnt that getting a feedback on my work is very necessary. It helps in improving the quality of my work. I now make sure that the work and project that I complete is reviewed by another person who is my senior so that I get an expert advice if any improvements are needed in my work. The interview process holds a lot of importance and should be completed in a very effective manner (Whitcomb, 2005, p. 71).

Action Plan

With the help of the valuable information that I gained in the lecture session, I was able to find a suitable job for myself. I have been offered the position of a business trainee in a well known company. This job was offered after I cleared an assessment test and an interview session. The importance of an interview can only be realised after an individual has been through the process (Murty, 2014, pp. 61). As this is an entry level position, I know that I have to work hard in order to succeed in the company and make sure that the job responsibilities are fulfilled by me in an efficient manner. By putting my skills and strengths to work in the business, I will be able to make sure that my responsibility is fulfilled in an effective manner. Interaction with other colleagues helps in developing professional relations and also ensures proper interpersonal communication (Andrews,, 2014, pp. 273). I want to work hard and show the company my potential to succeed in the organisation.


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