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Business or corporate ethics is a form of professional ethics that provides a framework within which Business principles, morals and ethics are bound to the enterprise environment. It applies to all context of business conduct, individuals and also organizations. Acting in an ethical way entails distinguishing what is right and erroneous and making the right decision (Lecture 6). This paper addresses a case study of Heileman Brewing Company’s action within the context of business ethics. In addition, the paper analyses their marketing and advertising strategies in a moral context of the society and ascertaining the appropriateness of their actions in conducting their business.

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G. Heileman Brewing Company’s employees do have an obligation to the company. Their obligation is purely to assist in the company’s business by innovating products that will ultimately yield profits and keep the company thriving (Whistle-Blowing). Following the increased taxes on alcohol drinks and their financial crisis, the company come up with innovative ways to regain their market share and keep the company thriving. Their efforts include innovative series of beer malt with a relatively higher alcohol content- Colt 45, Power Master and Colt 45 premium. In addition, their target market is mostly youths particularly those of black and Hispanics who are associated with lots of gang activities and culture.

The company do have an obligation to make profits and survive. However, they do have moral obligations to the society too. It is a delicate situation that they need to balance without compromising the other so as to pursue their economic interests in a manner that is within the bound of business ethics. On the contrary, the company did focus more of their economic interests persistently to the extent that they ignored morals of the society and the wider community. In addition, they did ignore justice in delivering their brand- malt beer.

The company acted inappropriately in the following manner:

  • The company brand have a relatively high percentage of alcohol compared to other ordinary beers. It creates a moral contradiction to the societal concerns that MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) raises concerns.
  • Concerns over alcohol detrimental effects on health are on the rise yet they persistently keep on raising their alcohol content from brand to brand. In addition, their alcohol content is relatively higher than other ordinary bears, 4.5 and 5.9 percent compared to 3.5 percent.
  • Their advertising strategy is morally inappropriate in the sense that they promote gang culture that is prevalent among the youths thus further damaging their future.
  • The launching of their last product, Power Master, incorporated gang culture through youth group music. It is a deceptive advert in the sense that it inflicts a notion of power and mystery among the youths. Besides, Power Master’s alcohol content is at 5.9 percent that is far much beyond the average 3.5 percent.
  • The Blacks and Hispanics youths reported a high level of liver cirrhosis whose cause is alcohol. Despite the findings, the company still continued targeting them through popular gang rap music without any concerns.
  • The BATF did restrict the business from using their brand name ‘‘Power Master’’. However, unmoved, they did design more brands illegally so as to continue promoting sale of high alcohol content.
  • Colt 45 Premium identity reflected previous brand in packaging. In addition, the brand had even a much higher percentage of alcohol content- 5.9 percent (Assignment Document).

The BATF should not have allowed the company to market their repackaged version of beer. The company’s repackaging strategy reflects their antics of continuity in selling high content alcohol among the youths, and it consequently translates to more diseases associated with alcoholic intake. It is evident through the repackaging that physically resembles the previous brand that BATF had restricted their sale (Assignment Document). It reveals their lack of morals and business ethics.

Repackaging the brand hardly changed the shape of the bottle. It strongly indicates their desire to continue targeting the black and Hispanic youths. Such a strategy reflects more of their economic obligations. On the other hand, they had a moral responsibility to the society thus they ought to conduct their business in a manner that that reflects their moral obligation to the society by caring for the people’s health and not to promote gang culture among the youths. Such desires for profits and growth should not cloud the company’s judgment to the extent of overlooking other critical aspects surrounding the well-being of the society. In the context of business ethics, it requires one to balance such obligations so as not compromise any but also conduct business in an ethical way.


To sum it up, it is very evident that the G. Heileman Brewing Company is desperate in pursuing economic gains and growth to the extent that they ignored their moral responsibility. Besides, the relevant authorities did try to contain their actions in order to reflect moral responsibility, however, they persistently shifted in a manner that pursued more sale of alcohol drinks with even greater percentage of alcohol. Such actions profoundly indicate their luck of observing moral responsibility in the society (Whistle-Blowing Document). Besides, it shows a lack of justice and ignorance to the utilitarianism (Power Point slide 13). On the other hand, the BATF should not have allowed the company to sell their repackaged malt beer because it is merely a reflection of their previous products on the physical attributes, brand name and alcohol content. Such strategies profoundly communicate the company’s intention to continue delivering brands that violates people’s health, morals and ignores obligations to the society. It has a profound effect of ignoring business ethics.


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