Computer Science论文模板 – System Simulation

Torque required to stop the pendulum

Motion of the Pendulum

The position of the center of mass of the system  can be expressed as follows:

The derivatives are given as follows:

The potential energy is given as:

X, Y is the inertial reference frame,  is the ith  local coordinate,  is the angle measured from the  frame,  is the distance from the inertial reference to the center of the mass.

The kinetic energy is given as:

The kinetic energy is thus given as:

The equation of motion is now thus given as:

Therefore, the equation of motion becomes;

Methods of Improving the Control of the Pendulum

The control of the pendulum can be improved by adding a rigid rod from the center of rotation. The rod should then be attached to the spring-damper mechanism, this way, the vibrations about the center of rotation will minimize hence improving control of the system.

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