Human Resource Management论文模板 – HR Manager for Quantro Systems


       Quantro Systems is going through serious financial challenges due to the decline in the profitability of steel industry. However, the organizational management is trying to focus on significant business expansion strategy, but the organizational management is facing several HR related issues, such as poor employee performance, inadequate training and development process, and ineffective recruitment and selection process. Kurt Lewin’s change management theory can be adopted and implemented by the HR professionals of Quantro Systems in order to improve the HR roles and responsibilities.

Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Theory

       The team management can improve the HR roles and activities through the consideration of this strategic change management approach. Kurt Lewin’s change management theory consists of three elements, such as unfreeze, change, and refreeze. These are discussed below.


       First of all, the recruitment and selection team needs to understand that the department needs change in its approaches and should go for different types of selection tests to ensure recruitment and selection process. On the other hand, the human resource managers should try to determine the needs for proper formal training and development process to boost the skill and performance level of employees (Harris, 2009). Lastly, the employee management team should try to focus on determining the needs for effective and appropriate performance process to improve the motivation as well as performance level of employees.


       It is highly important for the recruitment managers, human resource managers, and performance management professionals to communicate with the organizational leaders and top level management regarding the implementation of changes. In an addition, the top level management should include important stakeholders in the decision making process as it will help in maintaining effective workplace environment.


       Lastly, it will be vital for the recruitment professionals, HR team leaders, stakeholders, and top level management of Quantro Systems to ensure effective and significant anchoring in implementation of change management process. Moreover, the organizational leaders need to ensure that the implemented change is sustainable (Harzing, 2014). On the other hand, the human resource professionals need to ensure the implementation of changes according to the organizational culture of Quantro Systems.


       This part of the assignment will discuss the application of some theoretical concepts that will help the human resource professionals of Quantro Systems to overcome the following human resource challenges and maintain sustainability within the workplace.

Incorporation of HR Strategies

       It is clear from the given case scenario and above analyzed facts that the the top level management and organizational leaders of Quantro Systems are suffering from human resource related issues, such as low employee motivation, inadequate employee performance management process, lack of effective training and development programme, and lack of effective recruitment and selection process (Keely, 2001). It is highly recommended for the human resource managers to ensure effective and significant application of Best Practice and RBV strategic human resource management strategy to overcome the current scenario.

Best Practice Approach

       The first advantage of the adoption and implication of Best Practice approach in the Quantro System is that it will help the human resource management professionals to ensure effective and significant training and development programme. It is clear from the above mentioned facts that the employee are facing skill and development challenges due to lack of effective training. It will take care of the particular issue.

       Apart from the training and development challenges, it is also identical that the employees are suffering from poor performance management process. The application of Best Practice strategic HRM approach will help to ensure significant performance appraisal process, which will significantly act as an employee motivational tool (Morton, 2009).

       Apart from the performance management as well as training and development programmes, appropriate application of Best Practice Approach will help the organizational management of Quantro Systems to ensure effective structured commitment management, communication, and recruitment process that can help the organization to maintain sustainability in overall business operation process (Rowley, 2010).

RBV Strategic HRM Approach

       The human resource management team of Quantro System needs to focus on the adoption and execution of resource-based approach in order to sustain competitive advantages through the restructuring of human resource management process. VRIN framework can be adopted and implemented in order to ensure significant RBV approach.

       First of all, the organizational management needs to consider whether the changed strategies are valuable or not. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that the implemented change strategies are rare comparing to the competitors (Adrichvii & Yoon, 2009). The human resource management should take care of the inimitability of the adopted strategies. The strategies should be unique and hard to copy. Last but not the least; the human resource management should also take care of the uniqueness of the resources.

New Performance management System: 360 Degree performance Appraisal

       The human resource management of Quantro Systems is facing employee performance management system. It is overall affecting the overall organizational performance. Therefore, it would be effective for the human resource professionals to introduce a new performance management system.

       The human resource department of Quantro Systems should introduce 360 degree performance appraisal process in order to take care of employee motivation and employee performance system. This performance appraisal process is also considered as feedback oriented process in which an employee or a staff used top receive the appraisal from top level management, colleagues, as well as sub-ordinates in form of feedbacks (Chen and Haung, 2007).

       The major elements in this performance appraisal process are self-appraisal, peer appraisal, subordinate’s appraisal, and superior’s appraisal. These are major elements as feedback and appraisal from each and everybody within the firm will help an employee of Quantro Systems to improve the skill and competency level. On the other hand, this particular aspect will also help in maintaining effective conflict free workplace environment (Beugelsdijk, 2008).

Recruitment, Selection, and Training Planning

       This part of the assignment will guide the human resource manager of Quantro Systems to go through effective recruitment, selection and training planning which will help in bringing sustainability in the workplace environment.

Recruitment and selection of Sales Team

       In terms of recruitment and selection of the sales executives, the recruitment and selection professionals will go for online advertising for the job openings in the social media networking websites, such as Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. Apart from that, it is also important for the recruitment and selection team of Quantro Systems to get assistance from leading job portals, such as Monsters, and Indeed in order to ensure effective talent hunt and talent pool (Lussier, 2014).

       However, the recruitment and selection professionals may go for three different techniques to judge the skill and competency level of the applicants. First of all, the recruitment professionals need to carry out a writing test. In this particular test, the recruitment team should ask about technical questions related to the products and services. The identification of knowledge of the applicants will help the professionals in the selection process. Secondly, it is also important for the recruitment and selection team of Quantro Systems to focus on effective and significant personality tests as positive attitude and personality generally helps a sales executive to close sales deals quite easily (Snell, 2010). Therefore, an in-detailed and flexible group discussion round among the applicants will make it easy for the recruitment and selection professionals to pick the right talent. Last but not the least; a face-to-face interview round needs to be carried out by the interviewer in which the applicant should go through a real life selling situation to determine the flexibility and adaptability of the applicants. These three techniques need to be incorporate in the recruitment and selection process (Buchanan, 2010).

Training and Evaluation Process

       Sales team is also considered as a dynamic team. On the other hand, it is also vital to state that success of a production firm always depends upon the competency and selling techniques of the sales executives. Therefore, it would be effective for the sales department of Quantro Systems to go through a proper formal training process before engaging in on job process as it may create stress and affect the skill, motivation, and performance level of employees (Cole, 2015). Effective market mapping will be considered as a significant and effective training process in which a seasoned sales executive will be accompanied by a newly appointed executive to judge the selling skills and techniques of newly appointed executives (Ubah, 2016).

       In terms of measurement of performances, the mapping results will evaluate the success if particular trainings. On the other hand, positive quarry about products within 30 days down the line can ensure the success of the particular training (Oehlrich, 2016).

Evaluation of Measuring Methods

       The success of human resource related activities can be measured through several methods. Business output can be considered as one of the important and effective measurement method. Successful HR activities always ensure effective business performance of an organization. On the other hand, it is also import to mention that employee performance appraisal can be considered as a vital esurient method (Johns, 2005). The implication of new HR strategies has a significant impact on employee motivation and employee performance level. Positive employee performance can notify that the adopted human resource strategies have considered being effective.

       Stakeholder support also can be considered as an effective and important measurement methods. Stakeholders are generally considered as real growth drivers. Therefore, effective stakeholder support ensures business ethics, transparency, corporate ethics, and community values (Moonman, 2012). Therefore, effective and significant stakeholder support can make it clear that adopted human resource strategies are doing well as the organizational leaders always impress important external as well as internal stakeholders through effective and transparent HR strategy development and implementation process.

Benefits or Risks

       It is clear from the above mentioned facts that stakeholder support, and employee performance as well as overall business operation performance analysis can be considered as important measurement techniques. The benefits as well as associated risk factors are discussed below.

       In terms of benefits, the stakeholder support analysis will help the organization in two different ways. First of all, it will help the human resource department of the organization to ensure effective and significant value addition and corporate governance aspect. On the other hand, this particular approach will also help the organizational leaders to maintain a good relationship between stakeholders and top level management, which will ensure positive business growth (Wilson, 2014). Apart from this, effective employee performance management will also help the organizational leaders in two different ways. First of all, it will help to determine the skilled and competent employees. Lastly, it will help to boost motivation level of employees (Hill, Jones & Schilling, 2015).

       In terms of risk factors, too much stakeholder orientation can affect the organizational culture and can create disciplinary issues within the workplace. Therefore, it is important for the organizational professionals to focus on effective and significant communication process with the stakeholders regarding each and every decision making and strategy implementation process (Long, 2016). These aspects will help to sustain the change and maintain a conflict free workplace environment.


       It is quite transparent from the above discussed facts that Quantro System is facing some serious human resource management challenges. On the other hand, the organization is also facing financial problems due to low industry profitability. Therefore, the organizational leaders have decided to initiate changes to improve the decision making, recruitment and selection, training and development, and employee performance management aspects. Apart from this, it is also important to mention that the human resource professionals should go for effective writing, GD, and interview process to judge the skills of sales team. Last but not the least; effective 360 degree performance appraisal process needs to be adopted to maintain sustainability.


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