Photography论文模板 – The Intersection of Identity and Place in Contemporary Urban Photography


This essay investigates the dynamic interplay between identity and place in contemporary urban photography. It considers how photographers articulate the complex experiences of identity—personal, cultural, and social—within the urban landscape. Through an analysis of the work of key photographers, the paper discusses how urban spaces serve as a backdrop for the exploration of identity, and how photographic representation contributes to the discourse on space and identity in the modern city.


Urban photography is a critical medium through which the narrative of city life is constructed and deconstructed. As a Photography graduate student, this essay seeks to delve into how contemporary urban photographers capture and express themes of identity within the urban milieu. The analysis will focus on the visual strategies employed by photographers to explore the relationship between individuals and their urban environments.

Literature Review

Conceptualizing Identity in Photography

Exploring theoretical frameworks that address the representation of identity in visual culture (Hall, 1996).

Urban Photography as Social Commentary

Examining the role of urban photography in offering social commentary on city life and identity (Azoulay, 2008).

The City as a Canvas for Identity

Reviewing literature that considers the city as a space where identity is both expressed and shaped (Lynch, 1960).

Theoretical Framework

This essay is grounded in the concepts of social identity theory and space-place identity, which suggest that identity is a social construct influenced by the environment and experiences within that space.


A thematic analysis is applied to a curated selection of contemporary urban photographic works, supported by scholarly critiques and photographers’ own commentaries.

Case Studies

Portraits of Urban Diversity

Analyzing the works of Zanele Muholi and their portrayal of LGBTQ+ identities within the South African urban context.

The City Through Migrant Eyes

Examining the photography of Magnum photographer Abbas, capturing the experiences of immigrants in European cities.

Gentrification and Identity Erasure

Exploring the work of Camilo José Vergara, who documents the transformation of urban neighborhoods and the consequent impact on community identity.


Depicting Intersectionality

Discussing how photographers address the complexity of intersecting identities—race, gender, class—in urban settings.

Place Attachment and Photography

Investigating how photographers depict the emotional and psychological bonds between people and urban places.

Urban Space and Marginalization

Considering how photography represents marginalized communities and the struggle for identity within urban spaces.


Reflecting on the power dynamics present in urban photography and the implications for understanding identity in relation to the urban environment.


Concluding that contemporary urban photography is a powerful medium for exploring and expressing the nuanced relationship between identity and place. The essay emphasizes the importance of this genre in revealing the multifaceted character of urban life and contributing to a broader understanding of cultural identity within the cityscape.


(Note: In an actual academic essay, this section would contain formal citations and references to peer-reviewed academic articles, books, exhibition catalogues, and interviews with photographers that have been referenced throughout the essay.)

This example essay is tailored for a master’s program in Photography, emphasizing the sociocultural aspects of the discipline. It offers a critical examination of how urban photography intersects with themes of identity, providing both a reflection and critique of contemporary urban life.

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